Design Class Poem

Not sure what poetry has to do with a design class, but I was required to write one. I chose to write in a Burmese climbing style.

The Rim

Design in the pacific
rim, embrace prolific nations
Chile, hieroglyphic Maya idea
to Canada, China, along
through India, Singapore, Vietnam
there’s no damn before
Maori clam. Sharing by
love or defy, bamboo
beside bonsai, cedar foundation
or stilt elevation, hewn
stone fabrication, temple, pagoda
and earthen stupa, sing
beautiful coda for eyes.
Mountain shrine wise/supplies retreat
while prize worthy chiampas
give food grass, again
terraced mass toward delight,
Zen gardens invite serenity.
Early bright gold red
hanfu, ikat thread, batik
kimono wed, aboriginal skin
cloaks to begin, native
cedar thin weaves. Calendar
of moons confer passing
time, occur proceeding new
from old, through marking
deity debut with parade
and sweet laid/prayed on
ceramic trade blue white,
to salmon might and
chocolate excite careful stand,
upon fired sand celebrated.
Indigenous grand who live
within fire alive, god
animals thrive, spirits unseen
superstitiously appeased queen goddess.
From serene Buddha, schism
arise of Hinduism, Islam
Christianity prism Shinto enthrall
hear bugle call, today
no stonewall, the Rim of fire has it all.