What Tony Scherman Says

An encounter with the new book Carte Blanche v.2 has given me some new artists to study as well as some new quotes to ponder. For example, a featured artist Tony Scherman is noted with the following text from the book.

Artists are always asked questions pertaining to the ‘what’ and really only want to talk about the ‘how’. The ‘how’ cannot be spoken about without the ‘doing’, and the ‘doing’ cannot be spoken about without ‘being in doing’. This leaves artists at a great impasse in talking about their work, which quite often leads to tedium, boredom and, finally, irritation. This explains at least in part why so many artists in their maturity elect to say little or nothing. I am getting close, but not quite there yet.

On one level, I found this to be very funny. Scherman is not there yet, obviously, because he has made a submission to the book for printing. I did notice a couple of artists with far less to say than Scherman.

My other thought, based on personal experience, is that it is indeed very difficult to talk about my work. How do I put into words what is happening in my mind and my body when I am doing?

Tony Sherman’s site: www.tonyscherman.com