Up To Now

Aside from all the great conversation with fellow students we were treated to talks given by Germaine Koh, Althea Thauberger, Randy Lee Cutler, Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser (visited the site where they are building a giant dozer near the former Olympic Village), Thomas Riedelsheimer, and a dual-video-link with John Cussans in the UK (we really are digital). Our studios were given by Ken Lum (brilliant), and the team of Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber (doubly brilliant). Chris Jones is leading our thesis class.

Two papers down, mentors and a supervisor to choose yet, a few books purchased (from my working bibliography), organizing research into neat little compartments (I’m sure some wind will blow in messing it all up), as well as trying to find some space to work in my overflowing into the hallway 10×10 foot studio.