The Ever Present Othering

A portion of an email I recently wrote:

Now that things have had a bit of time to penetrate other parts of my brain, I am wondering if you know of any writers who have boiled down what you mentioned to me in our meeting: that the contemporary art world has moved beyond the study of whiteness (since [it] is treated as an essential – a concrete thing – [see] I understand the difference between lived experience and essentialism) and has moved on to the greater subject of racialization.

This seems like a very interesting proposition to me. That the academic world and the contemporary art world (power players are mostly those whose lived experience would be as “white” people – if I were to guess) have moved on to use the language of racialization rather than “whiteness.”

Why? For what reason has this happened? And, who else is on board with this? Are those in marginal communities okay with this too? And, doesn’t my asking the question create a dichotomy between “us” and “them”?