Wrapping Up!

I have learned a great deal over the past 28 months. Two things I learned (among others), which are not discussed in my thesis paper, are related to humour and honesty.

One of my instructors told me that I was really funny and that my work also reflected a sense of humour. One of the things I learned is that this cannot be forced. The moment that I try to make something funny, it is totally un-funny. For my work to draw people in with humour, I in turn, need to make work without any attempt at trying to be funny, and then somehow it comes. In other words, just be myself.

I also learned to be cautious about what others might read into my work. Those readings are valid and important, but they are not where my work is rooted, although they are as sweet as fruit. In other words, in relation to my work, be honest about the roots (my intentions) and the dirt (context they grow out of) that surrounds them.

I would like to acknowledge all the artists who came to visit our three July Intensives, some of whom also visited my studio space. Thank you!


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