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I am interested in streamlining some of my blog activity.

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This blog will become the archive of my diploma, BFA, and MAA research.

Holiday Art Making

My second born was home from Emily Carr in Vancouver over the holidays. He showed me an artist he is interested in, Dave Kinsey, and we contemplated his process. In my books, the next step is to reproduce the work to learn by doing.

Although, we used primitive tools from my studio (fancy word for spare bedroom) as well as completely forgetting to add any collage (which Kinsey uses here and there), I think we came up with a fair semblance. Our source images, scavenged from the internet are a barking dog and a shot of Walter Gropius.

Gropidog (Kinsey Homage)

Gropidog (Kinsey Homage), 22×30 inches. Acrylic, ink on gessoed paper.

Dave Kinsey images:

Water Miscible Oils

A few weeks ago I ordered some Windsor and Newton, Artisan, Water Mixable Oil Colour. Eight tubes: Titanium White, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, French Ultramarine, Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Red Light, and Cadmium Yellow Light.  Then they sat there in their nice blue boxes until last night. I set up a pair of scissors and finished a small study in about 30 minutes. It was either paint or study Modernist Visions of Utopia.

I have painted in oils before and these paints were stickier. The result however has the same rich appearance of regular oils. It felt wonderful too to paint into an area and the already laid down paint was still wet. Loved it. Something you just don’t get with acrylics.


12×16 inches.