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A little perseverance leads to a successful outcome. I am now able to reproduce the text in the dictionary with the fonts that are used for the original printing.

Text sizes are noted in brackets and will be relative. Main text: Century Expanded BT (38.5); Bold text: Century Old Style (38.5), Italic text: Century Condensed SSi (38.5); superscript (32); all-caps (26).

digital reproduction
digital reproduction


Project dates: Jan 2011 – Apr 2011

Dictionary is a work that needs further research and development. Initially my intention was to explore the way words and meanings behave when removed from their official context- the dictionary. Individual words are cut from a dictionary and pasted onto a small card. This work begins with a clinical approach. However, as Daston and Galison point out, objectivity is contingent on the observer. As they say, “nature, knowledge, and knower intersect in these images, the visible traces of the world made intelligible. […] Ways of scientific seeing are where body and mind, pedagogy and research, knower and known intersect” (53, 369). In other words, what appears to be a medical or clinical type of looking is dependent on my body and my knowledge. Why choose certain words? Why glue them onto small cards? What other ways can signifiers be dissected from their context? How does the context affect the meaning attached to the sign? There are many ways this work can still go.

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