Up To Now

Aside from all the great conversation with fellow students we were treated to talks given by Germaine Koh, Althea Thauberger, Randy Lee Cutler, Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser (visited the site where they are building a giant dozer near the former Olympic Village), Thomas Riedelsheimer, and a dual-video-link with John Cussans in the UK (we really are digital). Our studios were given by Ken Lum (brilliant), and the team of Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber (doubly brilliant). Chris Jones is leading our thesis class.

Two papers down, mentors and a supervisor to choose yet, a few books purchased (from my working bibliography), organizing research into neat little compartments (I’m sure some wind will blow in messing it all up), as well as trying to find some space to work in my overflowing into the hallway 10×10 foot studio.

Maria Hupfield

Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to an art talk given by Maria Hupfield. Hupfield has a diverse practice that includes performance and photography. I especially appreciated the work she did called My Evil Twin (as discussed on her profile at ECUAD). The set up, though seemingly simple at first, brings the viewer to a place where they are asked to consider two things. One being the way in which we view images and ideas – through what lenses do we choose to look, and the other being the degree to which we are removed from the “real”. First, the photographer has stepped in between us and the “event” followed by the process of the image making, resulting in a two dimensional representation, covered with glass and set in a gallery. This representation is then filtered further through the sweet little lenses of the bird-house spy-glasses. I enjoyed the whole idea and it’s presentation – well … viewing it as a projected representation, sometimes through a bird house lens, of a representation.

After the talk several students were treated to an on campus studio visit. It was encouraging to hear her fresh take on our work. As students we benefit from the discernment of instructors who know our work and our persons, but fresh eyes and insights can make for better work. Provided the student can hear, of course. All in all, I had a great and valuable time.

See More: www.ecuad.ca, mariahupfield.com
Images: images.google.ca

Design Class Poem

Not sure what poetry has to do with a design class, but I was required to write one. I chose to write in a Burmese climbing style.

The Rim

Design in the pacific
rim, embrace prolific nations
Chile, hieroglyphic Maya idea
to Canada, China, along
through India, Singapore, Vietnam
there’s no damn before
Maori clam. Sharing by
love or defy, bamboo
beside bonsai, cedar foundation
or stilt elevation, hewn
stone fabrication, temple, pagoda
and earthen stupa, sing
beautiful coda for eyes.
Mountain shrine wise/supplies retreat
while prize worthy chiampas
give food grass, again
terraced mass toward delight,
Zen gardens invite serenity.
Early bright gold red
hanfu, ikat thread, batik
kimono wed, aboriginal skin
cloaks to begin, native
cedar thin weaves. Calendar
of moons confer passing
time, occur proceeding new
from old, through marking
deity debut with parade
and sweet laid/prayed on
ceramic trade blue white,
to salmon might and
chocolate excite careful stand,
upon fired sand celebrated.
Indigenous grand who live
within fire alive, god
animals thrive, spirits unseen
superstitiously appeased queen goddess.
From serene Buddha, schism
arise of Hinduism, Islam
Christianity prism Shinto enthrall
hear bugle call, today
no stonewall, the Rim of fire has it all.

Already October

The summer flew by, no post.

Finished the Spring course and did well. Spent time with my youngest son who was home from school and started a reno. I guess having it finished by the time the fall semester came along was far too optomistic. Did not consciously make any art works, which I think means that I did not make any.

Either way, I am into it now. I am taking Drawing, GEVA (a general proposal based studio class), and an online course. This term my instructors are Nancy Bleck, Wendy Doberenier, Sam Carter (who tells us studied with Buckminster Fuller), and Sara Vipond.

Aside from making three “objects” I am also working on three paintings for the GEVA class. Here are two at the current stage.


This one is four feet wide, I think.


And this one is 75 inches by 34 inches.

So, of the intructors I have, the following have web sites:

Nancy Bleck
Sam Carter
Sara Vipond


This semester promises to be interesting.

Over the past 5 semesters I have had the pleasure (or torture as a few classmates might describe it) of learning from artists who, for the most part, do not have any presence on the Internet. While I acknowledge that this should not indicate their importance as artists (history will tell us that), I think it does speak to a possible lack of vision on their parts. On some level, I think, they want their work and their experience to be shared, that is why they teach. It is possible that they do not see the value of the Internet as a conduit to share their work and ideas. Two instructors who are search-able are Stephanie Aitken and Douglas Senft. One, David Maclean, has a work in the Canada Council Artbank. Others are referenced in school materials.

Currently, I have three classes (12 credits) and am studying with Holly Ward, Kevin Schmidt, and Scott Bowering.

Edited on Feb 8, 2009: I neglected to mention two more, or should I say three. One, who is very interested in the Internet and all it has to offer, and teaches a class on Web 2.0, is invisible upon initial searches. Strange. The other two co-instructors, Hadley+Maxwell, yield a proliferation of links to choose from.