Already October

The summer flew by, no post.

Finished the Spring course and did well. Spent time with my youngest son who was home from school and started a reno. I guess having it finished by the time the fall semester came along was far too optomistic. Did not consciously make any art works, which I think means that I did not make any.

Either way, I am into it now. I am taking Drawing, GEVA (a general proposal based studio class), and an online course. This term my instructors are Nancy Bleck, Wendy Doberenier, Sam Carter (who tells us studied with Buckminster Fuller), and Sara Vipond.

Aside from making three “objects” I am also working on three paintings for the GEVA class. Here are two at the current stage.


This one is four feet wide, I think.


And this one is 75 inches by 34 inches.

So, of the intructors I have, the following have web sites:

Nancy Bleck
Sam Carter
Sara Vipond