Re: Return of the blog

This is an open message to my instructor. (I would have left a comment on your blog, but alas, it did not allow me to…) Anyway, I think this class is great! In talking with another student they confessed that if it was not for this class they might never have started a blog and now they are so happy that they did. They, as will I, will continue blogging after the course is finished. As a matter of fact, I even have some ideas on how to make the blog into a work.

Here is my mashup to cheer you up:

Don’t worry about the F’s…I mean I don’t sleep at night anyway…

Youtube & Mashups

One of my assignments required me to make a mashup of sorts. Windows Movie Maker turned out to provide just enough functionality to put something together.

But, the most fun of all was remembering that someone I know has been doing animation and posting to Youtube. Doing a search revealed this little gem.

Wonder how I can use that in my next mashup?

Bradley Shende & Mashups

This morning, I happened to be watching the morning news and the Connected Life feature was about mashups. Fit right in with what we are looking at in class and if you check out the video, you might find some other cool stuff to do.