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Black & White 2

This work is entirely exploratory. I have not yet decided to continue on with painting or not  for the coming year, but I try to finish things I start. The series will consist of two similar sized canvases to Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square (1915, 1927), a few odd sized, and several 11×11 inch square paintings. Although my supervisor mentioned the slippage that occurs between dichotomies, I had noted in my book several weeks ago that it would be worth looking at how the black and white paint might migrate into each other. It will be especially interesting with a mixed black.

While painting today I made several notes. Black and white pigments can both be squeezed directly from the tube. I am using a mixed black consisting of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. However, it is impossible to create a mixed white. White must always come from the tube.

Black Square Bounded by White Border. (After Malevich of course)
Black Square Bounded by White Border. (After Malevich of course)
Oil on canvas, 11x11 in. White Square.
Oil on canvas, 11×11 in. White Square.