I am at the point of not knowing what to do next, so I guess I am finished. For now.



William Pope.L

A couple of weeks ago I encountered the book, William Pope.L: The Friendliest Black Artist in America. William Pope.L inspires me.

He’s not afraid of tackling social issues and he does so in a way that is humorous at the same time. His process also fascinates me as it takes place in his mind first. He is quoted in Crawl for your life by Isa Tousignant (Hour, Nov 4, 2004) saying, “Initially the crawls came from me noticing that there was an increase of homeless on the street. At the time, some of my family were on the street […] I wondered what I could do. […] So I asked, well, is there a way to show the energy that’s really there? What if all these people lying on the sidewalk began to move as one mass? That would be a way of doing it, to show that in this inertia, there is a real energy, a real struggle.”

I need to work on moving my questions and observations into workable ideas.

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