Words + Ideas

Using tags cut from three issues I chose models with skin tones that fall in the middle range. Based on my own subjective perceptions there are eight black, two non-whites (latino perhaps), and six white models represented.

approx. 90 to 100 threequarter inch tags - scattered
approx. 90 to 100 threequarter inch tags – scattered

This reminded me of Rosemarie Fiore‘s work on paper with fireworks. Not exactly of course, but the stacking of the circles evoked her images for me.

three iterations, not glued
three iterations, not glued

First the tags are arranged in random order, then in order from darkest to lightest, then with the very darkest and the very lightest removed. Some of the light samples are not from whites, but lighter areas or highlights of non-whites, as well as some darker tags coming from whites.


New possible words so far (by far an incomplete project, which the spellcheck marks as incorrect):





Word Roots

Thinking about/researching ideas for my Dictionary project I came across the following two sites (and I wonder why no teacher ever introduced charts like this in any of my grade school and high school classes):

prefixsuffix.com and learnthat.org

(Additionally, today I am doing required reading for the class Dialogues and Interactions that started on Tuesday – although I am not looking forward to all the reading and writing that I know is coming – the content does look promising.)