Culture Wars & Homework

Aside from homework (reading other thesis proposals and a big article) I also checked out a Youtube video called The New Culture Wars: How the Right Stifles Free Speech Through Art Censorship.

The video contains a part of a panel discussion about censorship as it relates to art. I was especially taken with AA Bronson’s following quotes:

I’m not actually a supporter of copyright, I steal images all the time.

I have mixed feelings about being on this panel because I feel that one of the big problems in America is the use of militaristic language and the kind of language that’s being used in the publicity for this event I feel is completely inappropriate. I think that if you’re going to have a “battle,” going to have a “fight” you’re only going to make things ultimately worse.

This is an idea that can also be applied to the language used in discussions surrounding race, whiteness, etc. Using the word race implies division. The word becomes a tool that cuts rather than heals. The trick is to find other ways of speaking and it is possible that this can happen in art. I am hoping…


Youtube & Mashups

One of my assignments required me to make a mashup of sorts. Windows Movie Maker turned out to provide just enough functionality to put something together.

But, the most fun of all was remembering that someone I know has been doing animation and posting to Youtube. Doing a search revealed this little gem.

Wonder how I can use that in my next mashup?